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WBK's Jessie Cain Writes from Nicaragua

June 23, 2009

MANAGUA, Nicaragua - Jessie Cain will begin her senior season with Wake Forest women's basketball team this fall. Cain is pursuing a degree in Health and Exercise Science, and has traveled to Nicaragua with twelve other Wake Forest students as part of a study abroad experience that combines health care, communication and service.

You can read more about the trip here or visit the program's ongoing blog.

Hi Everyone!

I am down here in Nicaragua! It is a great experience and amazing trip so far... I have seen and done more things than I could ever have imagined.

Cain on a "mini medical mission" in Chinadega.

I came down here with a huge fear of bugs, and quickly had to get over that after I slept with lizards on the walls and am swarmed by them every single day.

I have also had to use my Spanish a lot and have been able to communicate with a lot of Nicaraguans. It has been incredible to talk to them and observe a completely different lifestyle.

We have traveled to Ometepe Island for a weekend of hiking and exploring the rural agriculture. We then went to Chinandega, about 2.5 hours northwest of Managua where we did a service project that involves health education (hand washing, making soap, dental care) and playing with kids. Here we really got to interact with a large community and build some amazing relationships through home visits. I also got the opportunity to go out in the medical van and do a "mini medical mission." This was an awesome thing to experience.

We returned to Managua on June 19th then traveled to Grenada for a weekend excursion to the adventure park. This included seeing craters, a bat cave, and another hike. This week we are beginning work at La Chureca (the dump) through Nica Hope. Here we will be doing a lot of service work for the school in the dump, including building walls, planting gardens, fixing roofs, and hanging white boards. We are also going to be doing more health education along with helping in a feeding program.

We depart on the 26th for San Juan del Sur. We will enjoy a weekend at the beach and then two days of service at a preventive health clinic, which I am really looking forward to!

Overall, this trip has been amazing and I really look forward to the rest. I am so lucky to have been afforded the chance to acquire this unforgettable experience!


Cain with her classmates in Nicaragua.

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